NEW CD out now!

Marco Lenherr & The Groovie Mood - Never Said

3 original songs and 10 live recordings!
..."Never Said" represents in some ways our business card; original and cover songs rearranged in our own style, recorded live.
Ever since it was important to us to find our own sound, that represents also the musical experience of every musican in the band.
Not by chance the CD contains classic blues songs, revisitated in some ways in a more modern key, and also some more contemporary covers with sonorities that go from funk blues to rock...made by the Groovie Mood.

The CD can be purchased at out concerts, or ordered online by sending us an e-mail. You can listen to our original compositions in streaming on Spotify or download the songs on the best online services such as iTunes,, CDBaby, etc...

...enjoy :-)
Created by Marco Lenherr