Marco Lenherr, singer and bluesharmonica player, is now for more than 10 years part of the Swiss Italian Blues scene. Grown up in Lugano, he discovered the passion for the harmonica listening to Steve Baker, an englisch Harmonica Player whose rhythmic and funky playing inspired him to pick the Instrument. Later on Steve has accompanied Marco for several years in the study and the discovery of the harmonica. In the yeas Marco developed his very own style, partially unique for a harmonica player, combining basic rhythm and melodic riffs, influenced later on also from artists such as Lester Butler Carlos del Junco and Greg Zlap.

The project “The Groovie Mood” starts from the blues classics, revisited and rearranged in a modern mood, discovering at the same time the need to write original songs, that result to be the union of the musical experience of every bandmate.
Alessandro Merigo on guitars, Luca Ceppi on Bass ad Peo Mazza on drums join together with Marco Lenherr for this musical travel.
“Never Said” is the name of their first CD; among 3 original songs the tracklist include also several live recordings. “Juke Joint” mood brought you by the classics from Jimmy Reed, Sonny Boy Williamson II, Howlin Wolf and Muddy Waters, only to name a few, and funk blues sounds coming from the original composition as well as the cover versions from Robben Ford, Peter Cincotti and Carlos del Junco.

Created by Marco Lenherr